Access Control

From simple stand-alone access control systems that don't require server environments, to fully
network based access control systems which are capable of handling up to and above 1000 doors
and users.

Biometric Access Control has proven an essential and reliant tool for business such as retail
department stores, industrial and commercial premises, public building such as schools, libraries
and hospitals. Biometric Access Control Systems have the ability to let authorized personnel into
secure areas and giving you the ability to stop people entering unauthorized areas.

Our solution means that our clients can select various access control systems integrated to
suit their exacting needs. Our services include:

  • Biometric Readers – Facial recognition, retina scanning, hand and thumb print Readers
  • Proximity Fobs
  • Swipe Cards
  • Automated Gates
  • Vehicle Barriers
  • Car Parking Lots

Our Integrated Digital Access Control Systems are designed for the following situations,
environments and applications:

  • Offsite monitoring - The ability to remotely access and log on to your site anywhere in the world
  • Allow staff access to controlled areas – full access control of the movement of personnel within your facility
  • Monitoring of secure and "unauthorized" areas
  • Time Keeping – Time and Attendance Management
  • Full audit availability
  • Remote Control of Gates, Barriers, Doors and other Access Points
  • Remote Control and Monitoring of Machinery
  • Boom Gates & Turnstiles

Our provision of these security elements enables our clients' tighter control over access points to
their sites. By reducing the number of access points we are able to reduce the risk of exposure a site
may be susceptible to.