Marine Security

Marine Security is major concern for all oil and gas operators today. A security that can give you comfort and confidence is very hard to secure, especially in the marine environment, where you may not see beyond the problem.  In yumerique, we have partnered with the world best marine security provider, Flir System Inc where we can see beyond the problem, thereby making the solution clear. Flir system manufactures both cameras and radar that can be integrated to slew -to cue radar positions and bring images of radar targets. This eliminates guess work that usually happen when a target without an AIS is detected by the radar. With this new technology by Flir system, it is possible for your radar to turn in images of target.

Our solution has the ability to detect object at a distance of 20KM away from your facilities, that is enough distance to give you time to come with a counter attack plans against intruders. The Flir HRC-MS Series with Flir Raymarine Radars will seamlessly integrate to give you this comfort and safety. Why not try us today.