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Fire poses a significant risk on-board offshore rigs and platform support vessels. The nature of the equipment and their heat signature can easily turn small fires from malfunctions into life threatening issues. The goal is to design fire protection systems that consider risk in the order of the degree of danger posed; sources of heat in close proximity to large amounts of combustible liquids create a high risk profile for fire accident.

Machinery spaces, engine rooms, pump rooms, electrical controls, hazardous material, generators, storage rooms and offshore equipment too require fire protection. Such locations are typically small hard-to-get-to compartments making firefighting difficult. We manufacture tailor made pre-engineered configurations for total flooding or loc al applications that are designed and approved in accordance with international marine standards and codes of practice.

FirePro’s high-quality and durable components along with its minimal, in comparison with other technologies, weight and space loads make it an ideal solution for offshore operations. Multiple types of systems can be combined into a single easily monitored integrated system. This translates into savings in installation and low maintenance costs for operators. FirePro systems have been proven to extinguish fires at source, eliminating collateral damages and limiting activation of other systems.