Building Automation

NO WORRIES about how to know the working conditions and controlling of your domestic electrical appliances and devices within your home. In same vein, your HVAC, electrical panels and pumps and generating sets at industrial level has got no challenge monitoring and controlling them. With our carefully selected automation and control modules and switches from world renowned manufacturers; your business can be easily managed and information delivered by a click of a button from your comforts.

That facility manager, who has never given you an accurate report of energy consumption, diesel consumption, the performance of all your electrical panels and ACs can easily be nabbed with the industrial building automation and facility management solutions.
All you need to is get us involved in assessment of the facility and provisioning of the required modules and gadgets to lift the burden of “never-know-how my facility- functions”


We go as far as giving your home that fantasy of know that you can make control your appliances from a spot by a click of buttons. Our in-home entertainment, security and communication systems from “styled for today” radio intercom and intercom systems is the best in the world. You can choose a ‘Master’ station in a variety of colors and functions to pair up with recess wall-mounted speakers and remote stations. They are the easiest, most affordable way to build security, convenience and entertainment into your home. And with a variety of style and color options, we have a system to complement the décor of any home.