Business Intelligence

Yumerique is known for her ability to decipher clients’ business threats that needs to be dealt with to ensure that the business meets her set goals and objectives. These threats are the reasons why we are in business and we will continually research for better and faster ways to arrest these threats for smooth operation of business.

In business intelligence solutions, we combine our hardware and software products to support business processes in the areas of access control, time & attendance, facility security and fire protection. Innovative technologies, highly customizable, ergonomically optimized and aesthetically sophisticated. The modular design and versatile interfaces can be combined as required and integrate well with existing infrastructures.

The focus of our development work is the integration of online and offline components, and the development of as many applications with a system as possible. We use the following solutions to give business owners or managers the intelligence they require to grow and protect their business.

Business Process Automation Solution
Access Control Solution
Surveillance Solution
Data/Voice and Video Network Solution