Power & Energy

The power and energy industry needs a lot of security and safety. Vandals try as much as they can to vandalize energy infrastructure belonging to government and private energy providers. This can be reduced or managed better with the presence of security systems like Access Control and CCTV.


Safety of the energy generating infrastructure is another aspect. As the energy facility is made up of electrical materials and equipment that can cause combustion, it is very imperative that the facility is protected with special fire protection system.

Yumerique has come up with a customized fire protection solution from a solid aerosol forming compound al called Potassium carbonate (K2Co3). This solution does not require heavy gas cylinders and metal pipe works, which has made it universally acceptable. It is designed to protect Switch Gear, Generators, Power plant process and electrical panel rooms against fire incidences in a simple and easy way without maintenance.

Advantages of the solution:

1. It is simple to design and install
2. It is cheap compared to FM200 and Novec1230 or other inert gases
3. It can last for 15years without any form of maintenance
4. It does not consume space like FM200 and other inert gases.
5. Its atmospheric life time is negligible less than 1 day.
5. It does not take away oxygen to fight fire rather it reacts to fire combustion and stop the fire.
6. Its container is not pressurized like other inert gases, and its pressure during operation can be withhold by a thin layer of nylon.
7. Its shipment cost is very pocket friendly as the containers can be airfreighted and does not have much weight like other inert gases