Oil & Gas Offshores


We source and customize hardware and software that will meet business process and operational needs of organizations. We understand the dynamic nature of business environment and most importantly the uniqueness of requirements, so we go extra mile in getting IT infrastructures (SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE) that meet these needs.

We focus mainly on rigorous activities of organizations that causes pains and delays to delivering values; analyses it for choice of applications that can seamlessly handle the activities and makes processes faster and more accurate with attendant high throughput.


Marine Security is major concern for all oil and gas operators today. A security that can give you comfort and confidence is very hard to secure, especially in the marine environment, where you may not see beyond the problem. In yumerique, we have partnered with the world best marine security provider, Flir System Inc where we can see beyond the problem, thereby making the solution clear. Flir system manufactures both cameras and radar that can be integrated to slew -to cue radar positions and bring images of radar targets. This eliminates guess work that usually happen when a target without an AIS is detected by the radar. With this new technology by Flir system, it is possible for your radar to turn in images of target.

Our solution has the ability to detect object at a distance of 20KM away from your facilities, that is enough distance to give you time to come with a counter attack plans against intruders. The Flir HRC-MS Series with Flir Raymarine Radars will seamlessly integrate to give you this comfort and safety. Why not try us today.


Yumerique Systems has carefully selected fire prevention and protection equipment for your business and facilities. Our fire prevention and protection equipment ranges from:

1. Conventional Fire Detection and Alarm System
2. Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm System
3. Emergency Voice Evacuation and Alarm System
4. Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
5. Manual and Automatic Fire Fighting System(Hydrant,Hose Reel and Sprinkler Systems)
6. Very Early Smoke Detection System (VESDA)

Our Fire Fighting Solutions is bespoke. We design and fabricate to meet your immediate needs. Just let us know the specification of your fire fighting solutions; we will take care of the remaining, ranging from:

1. Hydrant/Sprinkler Pump selection and fabrication
2. Water tank volume calculation and fabrication
3. Hydrant pillars,pipe network selection and construction respectively
4. Installation,commissioning and
5. Training

Fire poses a significant risk on-board offshore rigs and platform support vessels. The nature of the equipment and their heat signature can easily turn small fires from malfunctions into life threatening issues. The goal is to design fire protection systems that consider risk in the order of the degree of danger posed; sources of heat in close proximity to large amounts of combustible liquids create a high risk profile for fire accident.

Machinery spaces, engine rooms, pump rooms, electrical controls, hazardous material, generators, storage rooms and offshore equipment too require fire protection. Such locations are typically small hard-to-get-to compartments making firefighting difficult. We manufacture tailor made pre-engineered configurations for total flooding or loc al applications that are designed and approved in accordance with international marine standards and codes of practice.

FirePro’s high-quality and durable components along with its minimal, in comparison with other technologies, weight and space loads make it an ideal solution for offshore operations. Multiple types of systems can be combined into a single easily monitored integrated system. This translates into savings in installation and low maintenance costs for operators. FirePro systems have been proven to extinguish fires at source, eliminating collateral damages and limiting activation of other systems.