Capability Profile

Over the years we have acquired technical expertise from world leaders in the manufacture of high quality equipments, devices and materials that we use to render our services to our clients. Our system-qualified engineers are equipped with International Technical Training at our various manufacturers’ sites in the conceptualization, design, and installation and operations management in areas of our businesses.

Our factory trained engineers deliver consistently high levels of professionalism. We have the Skills to delivering holistic solutions right from Design to Usage by our valuable customers.

We have the financial source and management skills required to deliver any project.

Courses attended & name of organisation


YUMERIQUE has, through service excellence, earned itself the position of 'pathway' between organizations requiring unique, reliable and effective solutions and manufacturers of state-of-the art equipment that meet these needs.

Accordingly, YUMERIQUE invests heavily in training and equipping its staff to deliver superior performance that ensures customer satisfaction.