Our unique approach and use of latest technologies place Yumerique in the industry leading
position when it comes to the design and implementation of multifaceted systems to meet our
clients' exacting business and integrated security solution needs.

Our CCTV installers are able to manage up to a 1000 security cameras. We have extensive
experience in the design and implementation of integrated digital technologies. Our use of
modern CCTV solutions involve an integrated system comprising static and pan, tilt, & zoom (PTZ)
cameras enabling operators to monitor remotely from a control room and/or PDA

Yumerique System – making use of an optimizing technology, sophistication made Simple offers
the following in surveillance:
· Hybrid DVR 's and NVR's with removable hard disk drives
· Long Range Night vision cameras using the latest IR (Infrared) Technology available – Our
Infrared Technology allows our systems to work in complete darkness, bringing images to
daylight level.
· Networked based CCTV to enable you to view surveillance cameras from the comfort of
your office or from numerous mobile electronic devices anywhere in the world
· PIR detectors linked to security cameras which send live video images to a monitoring
station allowing real time video of alarm activation
·PA Systems linked to the complete system enabling instant and direct / dedicated communication
with your site

"We install systems that are essential to adapt to social changes, with each design we do a risk
assessment, therefore allowing the system to be flexible in the future and has the ability to
adapt to changing circumstances."

Our uniquely designed control rooms provide centralized focus points that allow us to
minimize the cost impact and profiles for our clients whilst maximizing their safety and security
profiles. Our systems are provided with video intelligence to enable you mask out areas for
special monitoring and tracking.